Candidates accepted into the MasaTech program receive unparalleled professional training and guaranteed full-time employment that advance their careers.
Get Recruited and take your career to the next level in Israel​!

MasaTech is Israel’s most elite relocation and recruitment program, matching top-tier candidates from around the world with premier Israeli high - tech companies.

Why high-tech & startup jobs in Israel?

Israel is a high-tech capital. A startup nation, Israel’s research, and development capabilities are world-renowned. It’s where companies turn to for creativity, innovation, and growth. Today, Israel boasts thousands of tech companies in various fields. From biotechnology to cybersecurity to software, Israel’s robust high-tech sector brings new and exciting professional opportunities.

Our team provides career growth opportunities

> We take the talents through trips around the country, educating them about Israeli society, and give them opportunities to make a social impact.

> Finding your way in a new country can be challenging, and our team is there to give the needed support. We stay in touch with our talents and encourage them to make Aliyah and continue their employment with you after the program ends.

What we offer

> 7 months up to 2 years of full-time employment with competitive salary and benefits.

> Professional training (1-3 months).

> Guaranteed placement before the program starts.

> Personal and professional development.

> Fully funded - only $300 registration fee.

Who’s eligible

> College degree with experience in computer science.

> Age 21-40.

Screening process

> Introduction call
> Professional test & Personality test
> Interviews in companies 
> Your placement! 

Masa Tech is a new initiative led by Masa Israel, the Israel Innovation Authority, and the National Economic Council to bring and integrate young programmers into the Israeli High-Tech market. The program is open to programmers from all around the world, who are eligible for the Law of Return.